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My passion for drawing began at the age of two when my mom sat me down with some crayons and a huge stack of paper. Hours later, I was tugging on her pant leg asking for more paper. Comics became a part of my life around the age of five. My dad began to endow me with his wonder of comics books by revealing to me what appeared to be hermetically sealed magical picture books. Every night, at the age of five, just before bedtime, we began to read through his old collection.  Immediately, I began to draw and staple together my own original comic books. Technically, I’ve been self publishing since the age of five.

Technically, my first ever printed comic was, ‘The Plaid Avenger’, which I co-created with John Boyer, a well known professor at Virginia Tech. Over a few years, we self-published three full issues as part of a the series. Each book covered a different topical events from regions around the world. The book became a local hit around the Virginia Tech campus, large part due to John Boyer’s local celebrity, and I became known as the guy who draws, The Plaid Avenger.

Since then, I’ve continued to develop and create series, including a few collaborations. I’ve published graphic novels with publishers from the U.K. as well as Image comics. The amount of work it takes to commit to creating a comic book is so vast, most comics are created by medium size teams of people. There are penciling artists, inking artists, lettering artists, and writers all working together to create the final product. I’ve prided myself in joining a small elite group of comic creators who have had the skills to run the full gambit. My quest to create comics was to join the likes of, Will Eisner, Milton Caniff, Bill Waterson, Todd McFarlane and Mike Mignola.

Being trained also as a designer has allowed me to understand the full spectrum of bringing a story from the conceptual stage all the way to the printers. Being in a select group of people who have this entire range of knowledge puts me in a unique position to instruct other inspiring comic creators on how to develop their own series. Which is why I’m currently developing the online course on, “How to Make Your Own Comic Book.”

 Apart from that, my goal in life is to continue to produce evocative illustrations and continue my studies of the visual art form in hopes to harness its power.