Secure your copy today and support the comic.



  1. Have the Diamond ID# ready: JUL190117

  2. Find a local shop using Comic Shop Locator

  3. Call, or in person, request to pre-order with by giving them the title, HIVE MIND, and the Diamond ID#: JUL190117


Why Pre-Order?

When you pre-order a comic book, it not only guarantees you a copy at your local comic shop, it also sends a signal to the industry that there is interest in a comic title. Regular comic customers start, “Pull Lists,” which is basically a wish list letting the shop owner know what to hold for that customer.

what is a diamond id#

Diamond is the primary distribution company for comic books. Shops place weekly orders for comic books using the Diamond ID#. When you reach out to a shop, it helps to have the title of the comic you would like them to hold for you, along with the Diamond ID#.


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