Writer: Ryan O'Sullivan
Artist / Cover: Plaid Klaus
Published: JUNE 2016
Age Rating: M

Duke kills superheroes for a living. He’s not very good at it. Buy the book to find out why. (Don’t borrow it from a friend, that’s cheating. Also don’t torrent this book. That’s illegal and the FBI, CIA, and probably other super-secret agencies we don’t even KNOW of will find you and arrest you. Just like Liam Neeson in Taken, except he kills people. So in retrospect not much like Liam Neeson in Taken. Are we allowed to mention Liam Neeson from Taken? Isn’t that like copywritten or something?


Turncoat Comic

Every comic trope is hit in the balls inside TURNCOAT for a dark spit-take. From origin stories to the final pages, I laughed as much as I genuinely felt emotions when peeling back the layers of meaning in this tale beyond the surface jokes.
— Ain't it Cool News
A darkly slapstick romp through a fallen world of the internecine super-failures.
— Al Ewing (Loki, Mighty Avengers, The Ultimates)