My focus is on cartoon style illustrations, comics, and concept art. I love working with character driven stories and concepts; that is why I focus on these avenues of art. With Illustrations, the attempt is to capture a story or concept in one image, telling the tale without words. With comics, the artform is founded in narrative; the idea is to use sequential panels to carry the reader through a narrative. With concept art, even though you are capturing a character, I find the story behind the character is what brings it to life.


I produce pencils, inks and colors for sequential comics for both print and digital formats. My style of blending cartoon forms with a realistic rendering approaches creates a unique eye capturing look.


Stand alone powerful images designed to express stories, thoughts or complex concepts. Often used to capture the heart of a story, to captivate potential readers to dig deeper into a story, magazine or website.

Concept Art

Character design is all about creating unique personalities that bring a character to life. I like to focus on the story behind a character. Once you put youself into the shoes of your character, you give them thought...and life.